1584 Commits (master)

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  Gl0 028e814604 2.66 fix crash on RU/EU after unplanned maintenance 3 days ago
  Gl0 f420dda467 2.65 disable dragon buff timers by default, add new nostrums to RU defaults 2 weeks ago
  neowutran 62554e6313 deps 2 weeks ago
  Foglio1024 fcf6b22be8 update submodules 2 weeks ago
  Gl0 126e90df5a Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/neowutran/ShinraMeter 3 weeks ago
  Gl0 1dde7a7f43 new eu nostrums 3 weeks ago
  Neowutran 871ca9eabc Revert "Merge pull request #459 from kuko0411/master" 3 weeks ago
  Yukikoo d415c794c6
Merge pull request #459 from kuko0411/master 3 weeks ago
  Yukikoo 0f555a36ee
Merge branch 'master' into master 3 weeks ago
  Gl0 374dde7fd0 2.63 add string for randomizer back 4 weeks ago
  Foglio1024 7574e46a01 fix glow if the users uses transparent colors 1 month ago
  Foglio1024 885870b7aa update submodules 1 month ago
  Gl0 968a372521 normalize lf 1 month ago
  Gl0 223d178a0a 2.62 configurable colours, graph tooltips fix 1 month ago
  Foglio1024 fccf156099 don't cover graph details tooltip 1 month ago
  Foglio1024 223615f342 people are never happy 1 month ago
  Gl0 c9dc123de9 :SaShaPotato: 1 month ago
  Gl0 f61d9a87b8 resharper =) 1 month ago
  Gl0 57ca4d1ef0 fix graph settings parser 1 month ago
  Gl0 3590bb0051 2.61 Add Graphs 1 month ago
  Foglio1024 d7ba7d1189 update submodules 1 month ago
  Foglio1024 5cfda77112 Merge branch 'master' into graph 1 month ago
  Foglio1024 7e8175e9a0 Reltime Graph: fix settings saving, add cma seconds and displayed interval settings 1 month ago
  Roukanken fc4d35b0eb Added DStance check for Warrior (and Berserker) for blue blue bar 1 month ago
  Gl0 6d20c07c28 don't crash on unknown abnormies missing 1 month ago
  Gl0 4aac00691b 2.60 fix #458 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 33a46d3bfe oops 2 months ago
  Gl0 2f09a69d0f 2.59 Fix crash in the party on classic servers. 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 1dbf5aaa18 better calc 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 ea7bc96004 don't show graph by default 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 2f2f922987 format time on x axis 2 months ago
  Gl0 4e9c7577c0 2.58 Classic servers support 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 98cf97364b update teracommon 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 f0aee2ed16 moved players amount check to VM 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 507df2a38e use actual time for X axis 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 c5652eb8c8 add LP resources 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 cceecc8687 add graph enable to settings 2 months ago
  Yukikoo b2935e906c
Update events-slayer.xml 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 a372e62541 add missing files 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 677b3e37b6 first realtime graph WIP 2 months ago
  Gl0 2f92fa8956 Thread safe pause 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 9392a221b4 added user pause 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 1c0bf8aa2d add new icons 2 months ago
  Foglio1024 2ded9f04bc update data 2 months ago
  Gl0 26f2ff4fc8 2.57 All regions are patch 79+ now 2 months ago
  Gl0 7e7530d9ad Петрэ в сад 2 months ago
  Gl0 e786e4df9b remove RP remote debug spam. 3 months ago
  Gl0 df1c93e035 WIP track used skills by action stages 3 months ago
  Gl0 391bc36f34 fix incorrect reference hint 3 months ago
  Gl0 6796d08660 Show skill reset notification as soon as possible. 3 months ago