Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Gl0 4aac00691b 2.60 fix #458 2 days ago
  Gl0 2f09a69d0f 2.59 Fix crash in the party on classic servers. 4 days ago
  Gl0 4e9c7577c0 2.58 Classic servers support 5 days ago
  Yukikoo b2935e906c Update events-slayer.xml 1 week ago
  Gl0 2f92fa8956 Thread safe pause 2 weeks ago
  Foglio1024 9392a221b4 added user pause 2 weeks ago
  Foglio1024 1c0bf8aa2d add new icons 2 weeks ago
  Foglio1024 2ded9f04bc update data 2 weeks ago
  Gl0 26f2ff4fc8 2.57 All regions are patch 79+ now 3 weeks ago
  Gl0 7e7530d9ad Петрэ в сад 3 weeks ago
  Gl0 e786e4df9b remove RP remote debug spam. 1 month ago
  Gl0 df1c93e035 WIP track used skills by action stages 1 month ago
  Gl0 391bc36f34 fix incorrect reference hint 1 month ago
  Gl0 6796d08660 Show skill reset notification as soon as possible. 1 month ago
  Owyn ae3d5eee61 Бахаар лазер 30% 1 month ago
  Owyn 66b2a9abdc added warning for Bahaar 30% laser 1 month ago
  Gl0 6cb1923423 update exclude.txt 2 months ago
  Gl0 f6dfce786f fix /inspect for SEA 2 months ago
  Gl0 3d89631c8e 2.56 all regions are 76.04+ now 3 months ago
  Gl0 9d7dcab13e Add `out_of_combat` attribute to abnormality events to be able to trigger them before boss fight or openworld 3 months ago
  Gl0 eeffc8e0d9 readd Pinkie's opcodes source 4 months ago
  Gl0 9accc6e8f2 2.55 Add SEA support 4 months ago
  Gl0 a364c16cfe Update fonts to patch 75 default chat 4 months ago
  Yukikoo 836834e356 Merge pull request #449 from Owyn/patch-6 4 months ago
  Gl0 a5e140169b 2.54: fix loading section images for no more existing areas 4 months ago
  Gl0 202ccc646d 2.53: KR 78.01 Update 4 months ago
  Gl0 2cfad71fc0 Add BOM to ru event files 4 months ago
  Owyn 051866899b corrected abnormality id to right one 4 months ago
  Gl0 a2c8f02038 Merge pull request #448 from Owyn/patch-5 4 months ago
  Gl0 104f832b06 default ingame="true" for events 4 months ago