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Shinra Meter


ShinraMeter is a DPS Meter for TERA based off .




ShinraMeter is dev by Gl0 and Yukikoo/Neowutran


Thanks to Se7en-Hellas for the new Shinra logo =)

Se7en-Hellas website:

Shinra Manager by Dark (external contributor)

Cool UI project by Foglio

Somehow related project

Original Readme

TeraSniffer and Damage Meter by Gothos.

  • Packet encryption code and the list of server IPs are from

Thanks to GoneUp and whoever else worked on this.

  • Skillnames extracted from:

Thanks to mangojoe for the dumps

Used a modified version of DataTools to extract the list from this dump.

  • TeraEmulator was very helpful for understanding the packet structures.

OpCodes dumped by GoneUp, Gothos, dezmen